JM Jazz World Orchestra 2014

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Information for participants

This information is meant for the participants in JM Jazz World Orchestra, but may also be a source of information for the JMI member organizations sending festival participants. This information will be updated every now and then and as soon as there are any new information. So please look to this site if you need to know something about the project. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Musikk og Ungdom look forward to welcoming you to Kongsberg, home of the fantastic Kongsberg Jazzfestival



Before you go:


What to bring – general stuff

Please bear in mind that you’re coming to Norway, close to the North Pole, where average temperature is far below central/southern European temperature. In July, we of course hope for nice, warm weather with lots of sun, but we also risk both grey and rainy days. If the weather is good, you might expect around 20-25 degrees celcius, but do not be surprised if the temperature is between 10 and 15 degrees. We therefore strongly advice all participants to bring (in addition to your ordinary packing):

  • a warm sweater, preferably wool
  • one pair of long pants
  • shoes, not only sandals
  • a thin jacket
  • an umbrella

Check the local weather forecast here.


Musical instruments – what to bring and how to bring it

When it comes to musical instruments, the general rule is to bring your own. We will provide a standard backline with amplifiers, drums etc. If you can´t bring your own instrument, please let us know so that we can arrange for a lending instrument.

If your instrument is too big to be carried as hand luggage (and most instruments are), please make sure to use a hard case. Each airline company has their own rules when it comes to instrument transportation, so please make sure to check your airline company’s information before booking your ticket.



The voltage in Norway is standard 220-240v with two pin plugs.


Allergies, preferences etc.

Anyone who has food allergies or special needs during your stay MUST let us know this before you go. Send an email with specifications of what you need.


Arrivals and departures

The official arrival date is Saturday June 28th, and depart date on Sunday July 6th. Contact your local or national Jeunesses Musicales section for help with flight tickets and funding.

At the airport, you will be met by our representative Sverre, who will take care of your luggage and make sure you are transported to the centre of Oslo. Look for the JM Jazz logo.

If you are lost at the airport, please call or text Sverre on +47 452 10 876.


Spend the saturday roaming the streets of Oslo and meet JM representative Eivind Løvdal (+47 916 80 342) at 20:30 under the big board next to track 8 at Oslo Sentralstasjon for the Kongsberg train to Darbu.


When arriving at Darbu station you will be met by a JM Norway representative and walk 10 minutes to the school.


Arrival prior to July 28th must be confirmed with us, as must departures after July 6th. Musikk og Ungdom cover no costs in relation to costs before and after the official arrival and departure dates.

Make sure to include the travel distance from Darbu/Kongsberg (2 hours) or Oslo (1 hour) to the airport before you book your return flight. You also should plan to arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight departure.


Money, costs and currency

Lodging, food, transportation and all other costs are covered by Musikk og Ungdom. However, this does not include pocket money for the participants.


•     The train to Kongsberg will cost NOK 51,- one way
•     A beer at a pub will set you back around NOK 70,- (At the festival probably a bit more)
•     A meal in town will cost from NOK 100,- and up.

The currency is Norwegian Kroner (NOK). 1 EURO equals approximately 8 NOK, and 1 US$ is approximately 6 NOK. Norwegian kroner can be exchanged in official banks and exchange offices. You may also withdraw NOK in ATM-machines. Please remark that NOK is the only accepted currency in most Norwegian stores. Norway is a Credit Card Country, so you can use you credit (or debit) card in most stores. VISA and MasterCard are the most common cards.

At the festival, they encourage everybody to only pay with card and no cash.

If you have a student ID, please make sure to bring it.


Passports and visas

Apart from African participants, there is no need to apply for visas to go to Norway. Bring your valid passport, and you will be fine.

In Kongsberg

Getting there

You travel by train between Darbu and Kongsberg.

Darbu train station is a 15 minute walk from the school. See map here

Train schedule here . The train ride will take you 15 minutes to Kongsberg.



During the stay in Norway, we’ll all be staying at Buskerud Folkehøgskole , a nice county college situated in Darbu. You will be offered a bed in a double room.

Towels and linens are provided, so no need to bring your own. For questions and special inquiries, contact



Buskerud Folkehøgskole has free WiFi.



Three meals will be served every day. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition we will provide fruit and basic servings at the rehearsal space.

All special requests concerning allergies etc. that have been reported to us will be taken care of.



There is a small supermarket across the street from the school. It offers a small selection of everyday necessities, food and drinks, snacks etc.

In nearby Kongsberg you will find a wide array of shopping facilities.


The venue – Kongsberg Jazz Festival

Kongsberg Jazz Festival is held in the beautiful town of –wait for it- Kongsberg, an old silver mining town. Here and Here you can find more information about Kongsberg.

The World Orchestra is a collaboration with the festival and they have provided the orchestra with two stages on to days; Thursday, july 3rd at 22:00 and Saturday, july 5th at 12:00

Kongsberg Jazzfestival is celebrating its 50th year this year, and will arrange a whopping 50 hour jam. You are welcome to tag along and join the jam alongside other artists at the festival.

You will get a festival pass that gives you access to all the shows at the festival. Some of the venues are quite small and will fill up quickly so hurry up and get first in line for your favorites.


Getting around in Kongsberg

The train will take you to and from Kongsberg. As the town is quite small everything is within walking distance. Under you can see a map plotting out the central locations. Click on the blue spots for more information about each location. (JM Jazz stages are numbers 02 and 12)

View Map, Kongsberg Jazzfestival in a larger map



Playing and workshops

Backline / equipment

Please send an email if you have any specific backline needs.


The Music



  1. Bee baa the shebah                                  Full band


  1. Bud Powell                                                  Full band


  1. Come Sunday                                            No rhythm section or vocal.


  1. My Guitar (from Children Songs)    Full band


  1. Nessun Dorma                                           Full band


  1. Over the Rainbow                                      Full band


  1. A Song For Them                                      1 trumpet, all trombones, 1st tenor, bassclarinet, vocal, (guitar?) piano, bass.


  1. Spain intro                                                   Brass quintet, all saxes, no rhythm section.


  1. Stravinskij                                                    Full band


  1. Unquitty Road                                            Full band


  1. What Game Shall We Play Today         Full band



The Orchestra

First Name Last Name Instrument Nationality/citizenship Age
Noel Mason Double Bass Australian 23
Timothy Geldens Drums Australian 23
Harry Sutherland Piano Australian 22
Susanna Risberg Guitar Swedish 23
Laila Smith Vocals USA 19
Joël Botma Lead Trumpet (1/2) Dutch 20
Natanael Ramos García Lead Trumpet (1/2) Spanish 26
Magnus Oseth Trumpet Norwegian 25
Timotej Kotnik Trumpet Slovenian 23
Camille Maussion Tenor Saxophone French 25
Ori Jacobson Tenor Saxophone Israel 20
Maciej Kadziela Alto Saxophone Polish 24
Rob Banken Alto Saxophone Belgian 25
Benjamin Hermans Baritone Saxophone Belgian 22
Paco Andreo Euphorium/Valve Trombone French 19
Siyasanga Charles Bass Trombone South African 23
Felix Eilers 2nd Trombone German 26