About us

JM Norway

JM Norway is the Norwegian branch of Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI). Our main goal is to give young Norwegian musicians greater access to the international music scene, as well as working for youth involvement, empowerment and entrepreneurship. By letting youth participate in collaborative cultural projects within and outside of Norway, we attempt to help them gain important experiences and build necessary competance for their further musical careers. We believe music has the power to affect both personal and societal development. Therefor we find it crucial to help children and youth to participate in musical collaborations in international contexts. This as a way of helping them to acheive new perspectives, creating bonds across borders and get a better global understanding.

We are facilitating several ongoing projects for youth. Amongst them are MOVE (exchange program for young musicians through FK Norway), Ethno Norway (international folk music camp), LOUD! – jentenes bandleir (bandcamp for girls). Parkert Piano (parked pianos in public spaces in Norway) and MUA – musikkverksted for unge asylsøkere (music workshops for young asylum seekers). For the latest updates about our projects: Visit our Facebook page.

Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI)

JMI is the largest NGO in the world whose main focus is on youth and music. The organisation was created in Brussels, Belgium in 1945, with the intention to enable young people to develop through music across all boundaries. With a vast array of activities, JMI has established four main activity fields: Young Musicians, Young Audiences, Youth Empowerment and Youth Orchestras & Ensembles.

With member organizations in fourty-five different countries and contact organizations in another thirty-five, JMI is a global network providing opportunities for young people to engage with music. In total, the JMI network reaches over five million people in the age group of 13-30 per year. This through approximately thirty-six thousand activities that inclueds all styles of music, and coordinates cross-border exchange opportunities on an international level.

JMI places empowerment, with its emphasis on social inclusion and cohesion, at its core. For more than sixty years, JMI has been ‘Making a Difference through Music’, using the power of music to build bridges across social, geographical, racial and economic divides, as well as creating a platform for intercultural dialogue.

For any enquiries, feel free to visit our contact page.