Moving to Mozambique for my exchange has been a very eye opening experience for me as a Malawian but mostly as a youth. Malawi and Mozambique are not very different when it comes to culture and lifestyle but there is a big difference in the lives of the youth of these countries .

When I first came to Mozambique I had already planned that most of my projects as a MOVE participant would involve youth and children. Little did I know that these age groups have a lot of post curricular activities set for them. I tried to find something to do with them but I must say I was incapable because there are all sorts of activities that they have going for them. They have martial arts,music,dance just to mention a few.



It has also been an awesome experience because i have seen just how big of an impact such activities have not only to them but to he country as well. It helps them keep out of trouble and it also helps them realise their talents as well as enhancing them which I feel is a very important aspect of life during this time of our lives. I have also seen that the youths are also being taught to preserve their cultures be traditional or those that were invented during Mozambique’s hard times.

However with time I have decided to try and learn how such activities have come to be so that somehow I am able to bring such opportunities to the kids back home.


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