My choice was  Brazil after being selected for the Move Project.I always heard that Brazil was full of crazy People and wanted to see it on my own.We arrived in Norway fo ra Prep course on a quite  afternoon .We went to Our hotel and waited for Our Brazilian friends to arrive . After sometime we went to the Train stop to welcome them.The first thing I heard after the Train doors opened was

“O Louco Bicho!!! Ao vivo Bicho”.The Brazilian guys came out of the Train laughing out loud .Then the Whole group turned into spectators of Brazilian  drama .We laughed out so loud through out the Prep course .When anything funny happens  we would shout Ao vivo!!! O louco bicho!!!.Then a voice whispered in my ears saying ” The crazy Brazil”.

Arriving in Brazil,I felt like i had a little knowledge  of the the way People behave but it was too little knowledge.We arrived  in the morning and in the afternoon,we decided to take a walk around the city Sau Paulo .After atleast every two hundred meters i would see People peacefully kissing in the the streets .O louco!! i said to myself and wondered how many kisses happen per day in Brazil .Then a voice whispered in my ears saying “The crazy Brazil”

After some days resting and visting the crazy streets full of crazy People ,where crazy Music is played With crazy loud volumes ,we had a Meeting With Our Bosses ,they greeted us with kisses on the cheeks and i learned  that in other cities the kisses might be up to Three.O louco!! i said to my self being a person who got used to the hand shake .Then a voice whispered in my ears saying”The crazy Brazil”

Travelling to our destinational city Sao Jose Dos Campos,I was amazed with the  crazy speeds on the roads .Trust me almost everyone is cruising.And the motor cyclists with the most noisy motor cycles on earth make their way in the small spaces left between the running crazy traffic.I pretended to sleep because i was shaking out of fear.Then the voice whispered again saying”The crazy Brazil”

We were welcomed in Sao Jose with happy new faces with kisses again and they said” Seja Bem vindo!!” meaning you are welcome.We had a typical Brazilian food called fejuada .And it was time to chat .Jokes erupted again I laughed though i did not understand what they were saying.Then surdenely somebody shouted “Caramba!!” after learning that we had to wait for eleven hours for a plane in one of the airports.I wondered what she meant and another one again said “Nossa!!”.Then O louco i said to myself.Brazilians have many crazy expressions.Then then voice said again”The crazy Brazil” this time it was louder.

A few weeks later we went to a crazy party.And the first question i received on the door from a guy having make up on his face wearing a shinning short dress was “Do you love men or women”?? O louco !! ,I begun to laugh and simply escaped his question.After sometime he followed me with  a drink in his hand and i didnt receive it since it was alcohol and he fired me with another crazy question saying “how long is the man inside your trouser”??O louco !! I begun to laugh loud again and ran for cover.And the voice said again in my ears  “The crazy Brazil”

I finally found my self on the dancefloor floor .People dancing and jumping high as soon their feet touched the the ground they would dance as if they have no bones  O louco !! i said and they called the dance Sarrada .Then the voice shouted in my ears “The crazy Brazil !!.Yes I am in Brazil the land full of jokes and laughter.The land that almost every house has a pet.The land blessed With beautiful beaches , whose peole are very open.oh come and visit The Crazy Brazil


São Sebastião beach

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