I had a good time here


Gratitude is perhaps the best word that I can express in the six months of this exchange.

In Norway a had my best moments of my life and my career like a musician, I was able to broaden my vision of the world and understand the cultural diversity, I got respect through of my profession and I saw how much people admire the Brazilian songs and the funniest of all is when I said I was Brazilian and people reacted like this: “Ronaldinho – Soccer – Hablas Español” (hahaha), maybe we will only understand Brazilians, from there I could realize how much we are valued and loved by all.

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(Move Band)                                                               (FARK crew)


(Last day in Trondertun)


Here I met people from all over the world, I made a lot of friends and partnerships, I worked in several areas, with differents things and not only with music, so I was able to put into practice all my knowledge and my skills, because the exchange required being multitasking and flexible. Now  I can say: I had a lot experiences im my life!


Presentation   Juba Juba 2

(Brazil and Uganda concert)                      (Juba Juba Festival)



Farewell        19620270_10155403697747789_4567732587764681010_o

(MOVERs 2016/2017)                                      (Brazilian friends)



Guilherme dos Santos, 25 years old, Brazilian. Professional musician and teacher. He plays drums, percussion and work as an educacional supervisor at Social Guri Project. He plays symphonic percussion at Young Symphonic Orchestra Jacareí-SP. Played with some professional musicians in several styles as Rock, Pop, Jazz and Brazilian songs.

He likes to smile, play and make good things to people, loves challenges and has easy adaptability.

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