New times new ways


In this long stay here in Norway, I have reflected on what paths the artistic life has taken me.

When I arrived in Trondertun Folkehogskole, I did not know anything or anyone, for me it was a new universe and dificulties arose: communication, adaptation, among others, but thanks to music the boundaries and barriers were broken, I made new friends, I gained my respect and space among all.

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(Friends)                                                                                    (Toward success)


I say that my religion is “music”, because through it I transmit what I think and feel, as in a kind of communication, awakening in people the joy and peace, and it is this way that I seek to be and to make music. Through it I have been conquering many things, every day I feel like a new person with more maturity and security: responsability, wisdom, humility are the keys to success in facing the challenges of life.

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(Art of making music)


I have lived and experienced cultural plurality, participating and developing projects and works in differents areas and styles, I call it “action and reaction”, because in a voluntary way I have been helping and teaching people, contributing and giving back for everything that music has given me and taught me.


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(Brazilian Percussion lessons)                                                          (Drum class)


(Technical advices)


Art is life, and life in art teaches me respect and patience.

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(MOVE Band)                                                                        (Volunteer work)

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(On the way to projects)                                                          (Presentation of Brazilian instruments with the elderly)



Guilherme dos Santos, 25 years old, Brazilian. Professional musician and teacher. He plays drums, percussion and work as an educacional supervisor at Social Guri Project. He plays symphonic percussion at Young Symphonic Orchestra Jacareí-SP. Played with some professional musicians in several styles as Rock, Pop, Jazz and Brazilian songs.

He likes to smile, play and make good things to people, loves challenges and has easy adaptability.

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