Malawi and your cultural diversity


These first few weeks were essences to open our eyes and awaken our love for Malawian culture and people. Everything before we arrived in Malawi was unknown, expectations were based on photos and videos.
In Chichewa classes, Malawi history, traditional dances and customs, we discover a new passion in every detail.
The most striking moment was when we came across the dimensions of this exchange, providing our cultural enrichment and sowing what we know of our culture, this moment became even more special with the dance teachings and rhythms taught by the Duma master and with fantastic presentations Of the Hear Us Children dance group.
With this first contact was possible to measure how much work we have ahead, driven by the desire to make the difference.

IMG_20170126_105404Master Duma


Hear Us Children





This publication was made by the Brazilian and Mozambican participants:
Vitor Lyra Biagioni, Elias Matarazzo, Francelina Vanina Fumo and Edilson Drummer


His name is Vitor Lyra Biagioni, a smiling and very positive guy. He grew up in the city of Botucatu, in the interior of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. Since little Vitor liked music, but was not sure which instrument to choose, that’s when he met the symphonic percussion, and fell in love. He studied at the “Conservatório Dramático e Musical de Tatuí’ for 3 years and his desire to be a symphonic percussionist increased more, currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in symphonic percussion at São Paulo University and works with the GURI project teaching music for children and adolescents. When he was accepted in the exchange, he was sure that Africa chose him to be there and make a difference.

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