Drøm på alvor (Dream seriously)


Getting to know all these people was really amazing. And it was a pleasure to know how our culture awakens curiosity, where the junction of our Brazilian rhythms with those of Amelia from Mozambique was excellent because of the result that was my first concert here at the school with many praises and considerations where even we were recommended to record one of our compositions, and there we went do it:

Studying music and living with another culture full time is incredible and being part of other students projects such as recordings and concerts is valuable as a musician in expanding my musical knowledge by being not only playing Jazz and Instrumental but also Pop and Rock.
I am very excited about the projects that are about to come with FARK that we will do soon in a great skiing championship, and where we will be holding a children’s music workshop that includes songs and games from our country, as well as concerts.

The motto of the school is actually taken by the students, I met several people very engaged in their own music seeking to develop their work.
We have a great example here at the school where his work can get which is Conor, music producer and musician, who after watching his fantastic concert I was able to perceive his influence and motivation that he brings to the students about achieving his goals as a musician.

And a very interesting point is the opportunity for those who are determined to pursue their artistic career to be able to participate in auditions that are held here the school for universities in other countries. Like LIPA, a United Kingdom arts college founded by Paul McCartney where I participated in that audition and I’m very happy that I passed the test.

With the help of Berit, American girl that lives in Norway, we are taking Norwegian lessons. And already trying to talk some things, which is great fun especially during meals when we teach some words in Portuguese and we learn in Norwegian we laugh with the different pronunciations and words that have the same phonetics but different meanings in each country.


Also, my Brazilian music festival will be happening here at school so I’m starting to give my first workshops on this theme.

About the differences?

The weather and food are quite different, usually here at school we eat lots of fish, potatoes, and bread, a lot of bread and I noticed that some people usually drink milk during lunch or dinner which was to me a surprise for this cultural difference even in relation the meals where dinner here is third meal and not the last as in Brazil, and the silence of the city is something fascinating which passes a huge tranquility and with the few rays of sunshine during the winter people usually go out to enjoy it when It appears.

I am very happy to be a part of it all, being a MOVE is certainly an enriching experience as a human being, and I will take that learning all my life. And more things are yet to come. Dream!


Thales Martins
Thales Martins

Thales Simões Martins, 20 years old, from the country of soccer and samba, Brazil, is a musician/bassist from the city of Piracicaba currently studying at the Conservatoire Musical of Tatuí where he learns electric bass, musical perception, musical harmony and joint instrumental practice In MPB and Jazz. Thales is also a composer and has a jazz/fusion trio which participates in music festivals. At the same time, he is studying Graphic Design at the Methodist University of Piracicaba. He is a former student of the Guri Project where he studied guitar, electric bass, and acoustic bass and was a Scholarship for the São Carlos Big Band Reference Group, playing the role of bass player. The project that provided great opportunities in the field of music to him. Through this project, Thales is ready and very excited for the expectation of working at Trøndentun School in Norway for 6 months and sharing more about the rich culture and music of Brazi leading his projects and be assist(bassist).

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