The Zebra Band


It is a normal Sunday in Nkhotakota. The sun is shining and you have a lot of time to enjoy the day. You are out walking in the streets. You are on your way to the market to buy tomatoes. This village is so quiet and peaceful. Then suddenly, out of nowhere you can hear a sound of bass guitar and drums. Where does it comes from? The sound is getting louder and louder and you think you can sense guitar and keyboard as well. Have you become mad? This is not usual. Someone starts to sing and that is when you understand what is going on…

There it is, a truck driving around with a band playing live music. The Zebra Band are having a concert today! The truck is parking at the market and people of all ages comes running from different places to check what is going on. Even before the band have finished their first song it is crowded around the truck by curious audience. How could this happen? Two minutes ago, it was just a few people here. The whole community of Nkhotakota like concerts and they know when to show up. The audience are dancing to the music and seems to enjoy the performance by the Zebra Band for more than two hours, but then it is getting dark and the truck with the band has to leave the market even if people wanted more.

Some of the audience are waiting for the band to arrive

Zebra guys doing what they know best; performing

The truck with the Zebra Band at the market in Nkhotakota

What a great day! You are going back home from the market when you realize that you forgot to buy the tomatoes. You can’t do anything but smile. Forget about those tomatoes! You really enjoyed the music and have been dancing at the market, that was so much better and you won’t forget about this day for a while.

The members of the Zebra Band are five great and music talented guys who practise together twice a week and play concerts as often as possible. This is how the members of the band describe each other:

Uten navn 12






Henry is a great vocalist and a strong foundation in the band. He is always happy and full of energy which results in the best and craziest stage performances. His presence in the band and vocal skills means a lot to the other members.










Taman is like a father to the band. He is a good bandleader and adviser who keeps the band active by taking a lot of responsibility. He is also motivating the band members to keep on giving the local flavour. In addition to being a good keyboardist, Taman do also sings and composes his own music.






James is always positive. He is a stable guitarist in the band who is always willing to learn more and new music. He is a humble and faithful man highly appreciated by the other members of the band.




Uten navn 7







Nazareth is a born musician. He is a talented bass guitar player who also knows how to play other instruments very well and compose his own songs. He is a good man who is working hard for the band. Nazareth is also working as a music teacher at Nkhotakota Cultural Centre, so you can find him there if you want to learn some music.








Uten navn 5





Prince is very friendly and likeable. He is an encourager and motivator in the band, always smiling and coming up with new ideas for the band. Prince is a great drummer who also knows how to sing and compose music.









So, next time you can hear music playing out loud in Nkhotakota, it might be the Zebra Band who are playing concert or practising at the Culture Centre. Come by to say hello!

Playing until the sun goes down

Catrine Lillemoen Berland
Catrine Lillemoen Berland

Catrine is a 25 year old girl from Bergen who has been playing in brass bands and singing since she was eight years old. She went to Toneheim Folkehøgskole and Bergen University College for her music education. As a music teacher, she likes to work with kids and looks forward to play and teach the kids in Nkhotakota how to play different instruments, while learning a lot from them too. Catrine likes new experiences and looks forward to learn about the music culture in Malawi and bring a lot of experiences back to Norway.

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