My work in Projeto Guri


My work in Projeto Guri in Araraquara started in the middle of October. Around three weeks ago, one and a half month since we had started the project, the students I have worked and I with held their first presentation of our work!


At the beginning of my stay in Brazil, it was hard to know exactly what I could contribute with here. The organization seemed to have what they needed and things worked well as it was! It took me a while, coming up with some ideas, but after some time I finally found some activities I thought could be a good addition.

My plan was to make an Rock’n’Roll band, focusing on improvisation rather than reading from notations, and to teach swing dance. After some talking and problem solving with the staff in the Regional office, we found good ways to realize these projects and I was ready to hold my first classes.



From the first day we were playing together


One and a half month later there was time for a presentation of what we had done. I think everyone was excited, both my band and the staff there! The room where the presentations should be was filled up fast with students, parents and other people that wanted to see. At the beginning the other groups at the Polo presentations of their work, percussion, choir and violins, it was impressive! Then it was our turn. We went on the stage, I tried to tell a little about my work at the polo, in Portuguese, and then we were ready to start “Jailhouse rock” by Elvis Presley! The band played, I sung and the dancers danced! The next one was “Jump, jive and wail” by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. The time went by so fast on the stage and it was really fun to play with them! We also got a lot of positive comments when we were finished!



The band after the first presentation


The biggest challenge I found while holding classes, was the language. I had some experience from teaching before, but I had never done it in a language I barely know. The first classes were the most difficult ones, but after some time went by, it became easier. The students have been excellent at understanding, helping and teaching me, and every time I went to Araraquara to hold classes I learnt something new!

Some of the best things about working there must be the enthusiasm and the eager to play, even though it was something different! Another thing that really made me want to continue working there, was to see how well they did when the presentations was held!



Some of the students and the staff at Polo Araraquara


Even though I have faced some small problems and challenges, I believe that this experiences is something that is good to bring with me no matter what I am going to work with later in my life. I look forward to work more here in Brazil, and get even more experiences I can bring with me back to Norway!

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