The Universal Language


Wherever you go in the world, there is different ways to communicate and act.If you travel around to different countries, you will meet new languages and ways of behaviour. But one thing is similar…

The language of music!

It doesn’t matter which continent your feet are standing on. Artists like Adele and songs like ”Let it go” will sound out loud anywhere. People all over the world like to sing and play instruments. The action is also the same – music makes people happy! It brings out smiles and dancing, even though Norwegian hips can’t compare to the Malawians…

For me as a music teacher this makes my job pretty easy. So many are really motivated to learn music. After we had the opening concert here at Nkhotakota Cultural Centre last month, many new students signed up and now there are 150 students at the Music school! They are spread in different classes: learning instruments, dancing, band, music theory and more.


One of the first guitar lessons and many were curious when my colleague Nazareth taught how to play the guitar



After a lesson of music theory there is a lot of information on the blackboard

So I meet smiley faces every day by students who are eager to learn more about music. The only thing I need to do is to teach them. There is no age limit at the Music school, so we have student in all ages and every class is different. I can’t hide that Chichewa and Norwegian are really different languages, but then again music is a universal language, so we understand each other very well just by singing, acting and dancing if the language is insufficient. Music is for everyone!


Daniel is practising on his own


It’s not easy to play guitar when the guitar is bigger than yourself!

Catrine Lillemoen Berland
Catrine Lillemoen Berland

Catrine is a 25 year old girl from Bergen who has been playing in brass bands and singing since she was eight years old. She went to Toneheim Folkehøgskole and Bergen University College for her music education. As a music teacher, she likes to work with kids and looks forward to play and teach the kids in Nkhotakota how to play different instruments, while learning a lot from them too. Catrine likes new experiences and looks forward to learn about the music culture in Malawi and bring a lot of experiences back to Norway.

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