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Urban rap, traditional Malawian gospel and Congolese chansons. All within the same day in the same studio. Let me present to you three very different artists with a common burning desire: To learn about music production, music technology and to develop themselves as artists and producers.

Paris Oaks with his mentor Ca$h-T

Paris Oaks with his mentor Ca$h-T

Representing the urban spectrum of the studio is Roger Kayanza (aka Paris Oaks); a Malawian of the Ngoni tribe born in South-Africa, raised in England, but who spent his past 7 years living in Lilongwe. Drawing inspiration from artists like Eli Sostre and Amir Obe, Paris Oaks aims to merge his poignant lyrics and heavy beats with his unique, artistic expression.

In the Malawian segment we have artists like O’ta Chikadza, a singer-songwriter aiming to deliver the gospel truth through his traditional approach to music. This spring he was a MOVE participant going to Mozambique, where he first discovered himself as a composer. During his stay he also recognized the value of his own culture, fueling the desire to work with traditional music.

O'ta in session

O’ta in session

The third student is Daniel; a Congolese multi-instrumentalist working for a brighter future.
The shy, but highly talented songwriter sings in many different languages and wants to prove that anything is possible if you only work hard enough. His music is soulful and he has the ability to move others with his sincerity.

Although these artists are all in their starting phase, they already show a lot of potential. They are all contestants for conquering both the Malawian, African and International music scene with their creativity and (soon to have) knowledge of music production. Their combination of eagerness, musical talent and persistence will prove to be their greatest strengths as future producers and artists.

Karstein Grønnesby
Karstein Grønnesby

Karstein is a 21 year old drummer from Steinkjer in the middle of Norway. He’s been playing in many different bands and groups, covering a variety of genres. Before joining the MOVE project he finished his Bachelor’s degree in Music. During his stay in Malawi, he hopes to learn about Malawian traditional music and culture as well as sharing of his own knowledge

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