What I do in Trøndertun, the rock school


I have had good days in Trøndertun, have learned a lot, but I did not come only to learn but also to show my African culture. For this reason I have been working hard, making plans, and this time decided to invite a friend from my class to do a duet. It was not easy for her to sing in an unknown language and a different rhythm, but with a lot of patience and teamwork we managed to take the audience to Africa.


Anita, I and a bit of Calle at the concert


Berit and her band was also a part of the concert


This is Geir, he and his band played hard rock, a style very different from mine.

This last picture represents the fact that Trøndertun is a rock school. Even though I haven’t learned singing rock, I hear it all the time from the practice rooms.

Amélia Felizarda André
Amélia Felizarda André

Amélia is 25 years old, and comes from Mozambique. She started to sing because she loves music, loves singing and because it makes her happy. She wants to share this with everybody. In Mozambique she sang in a band called “Afro’j”, which played afro-jazz. She also loves to dance. This year she is going to Trøndertun in Melhus, Norway. Here she hopes to learn about a new culture, new music and make a lot of new friends.

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