Home is where the heart is: Trøndetun


Home is where the heart is. That is what they say. And being here at Trøndertun Folk High School, it is very much like being at home. We take care care of our brothers and sisters here and we have fun working in the kitchen.

Every Saturday we have seminars. At Saturday 01. October, we even had a professional cooking seminar, to learn us how to make delicious food like taco and meat balls.

Good food.

The professional cooking seminar taught us to make new kinds of food. Here we are making Norwegian meat balls.

But of course, we are not forgetting who we are as musicians doing what we know best. This is from a performance by the students of the school at Kulturnatt in Trondheim 16. September.

Performing live!

It was really an honor performing with these amazing people and it was really fun!

People are friendly, and I have met many new friend during the first month at Trøndertun. This picture was taken during one of the Saturday seminars.
New friends!I am looking forward to more adventures and to learn more about music and the different lifestyle in Norway.

Priston Mtonga
Priston Mtonga

Priston is a 24 year old man from Lilongwe in Malawi. He’s always been musically minded, ever since he was nine years of age, and the interest has only grown stronger over the years. Priston is a violin player and a vocalist as well. He sings a classical country gospel music. He’s been studying music in Malawi at Music Crossroads Academy for one year completing a certificate programme. He has also recorded his first album, which will be released soon after finishing studio work.

For his year in Norway he looks forward to experience a new culture, meeting great people and learn a lot of music at Trøndertun Folkehøgskole.

Pristons goal is to be the change he wants to see in his country, Malawi, through the power of music. He wants to create happier, hopeful and joyful faces with purpose and love in their hearts for all humanity – making the world a better place for all of us.

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