Brazilian percussion and sore fingers


Believe it or not, the Brazilian music traditions are more than The girl from Ipanema and samba used in the big carnival in Rio! I had not played or listened to a lot Brazilian music before I came to here, but as the weeks and days goes by I learn more and more!


This week I attended my first percussion classes at Projeto Guri, or actually it was my first percussion class ever! I met up at the Polo in Sao Carlos, Polo is the name of the Projeto Guri centers. The clock was early in the morning, but even though I was tired when I came there, I quickly woke up when we started playing! Traditional Brazilian samba rhythms and a South American rhythm called Chacarera is some of the things we played and studied.



Juninho gave us an introduction of the pandeiro


The students I am studying with have played percussion at Projeto Guri for around three to four years already, so I have a lot catch up with. Luckily for me, both the students and the teacher is patient and helping me out. After a couple of months with classes both Tuesday and Thursday and some more weeks of sore fingers, I hope and think it will get easier!

In addition to the percussion class I will also attend to a double bass class as well. The first class is this Monday, so wish me luck!



The teacher and some of the students form the percussion class.


During our stay we have also been so fortunate that we have had the opportunity to see a lot of different concerts and musical events! Among others, we have seen Os Paralamas do Sucesso and Nando Reis, two famous Brazilian rock bands.

We have attended an event called Musicasa, where some the kids from the youth prison Fundação casa presented things that they had been working with at the music workshops inside the prison. They presented traditional Capoeira rhythms as well as rap and songs they had written lyrics to by themselves. We have also seen the semifinals of Imagine Brazil.

Common to all the events we have been to is that there is tons of happiness and talent!



The winners of the semifinal in São Carlos!


My first meetings with the Brazilian music traditions has been amazing. I have learned so many new things, even more than I could ever imagine before I came here! I do wonder what kind of new experiences that is waiting for me in the following months here in Brazil!

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