Dance until you break


If I were to describe Mozambique with just a few words, Marrabenta would definitely be one of them!

The energetic combination of traditional Mozambican rhythms and Portuguese folk music, that brings both children and grandparents to the dance floor. Or I might as well say: the rhythm that turns the entire country into a dance floor.

The development of the Marrabenta music does in a way reflect parts of Mozambique’s historical timeline – with influence from traditional orchestration, Portuguese colonial rule, liberation and communist Cuba, as well as rock and pop from the western world. Naturally, it ends up being an important part of the Mozambican identity.

People often tell me: You can’t leave Mozambique without knowing Marrabenta. And as everyone proudly show me how to dance and play Marrabenta whenever the chance appears – I should be able go back to Norway as a true Mozambican: joyfully dancing with a colorful skirt around my hips and with a catchy melody roaming from my lips!

As Marrabenta is such an important part of the Mozambican culture, a very own Marrabenta festival is arranged every year – giving people a chance to dance and sing until sunrise with the presence of great Marrabenta artists. This years festival took place on various stages in and around Maputo – starting at the beautiful train station in downtown Maputo, followed by the wonderful Marrabenta Train that delivered dancing and singing to  Marrabenta lovers in the small town Marracuene!
In true MOVE-style – the Marrabenta festival left me with great memories from a beautiful meeting of people, music and dance!


Comboio Marrabenta #jmmove

En video publisert av @paulatunstad

Paula Aarseth Tunstad
Paula Aarseth Tunstad

This eighteen-year-old girl has been playing piano since the age of five, and has a long record of melting people’s heart with her passionate play. Growing up in a musical home on Tjøme, Paula has been wandering through different instruments and genres. Yet, she is looking forward to set her classical repertoire aside, and dive into the jazz-capital Maputo. With experience from various youth organizations, and with a passion for writing and photography, Paula is ready to help out on Music Crossroads Mozambique.

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