The big day of art, music and dancing!


Nkhotakota Cultural Centre is all about youth, community and after-school activities. That is why we invited eight schools to bring two girls and two boys for workshops on Saturday 6th of February. The idea was that these kids will tell their friends about their experience at the centre, and in that way spread the information about our different groups to more youth. The most important objective of the cultural centre is giving youth and kids a reliable, safe and friendly place for activities, where they also can benefit and learn. Spreading the word to kids and parents that the Cultural Centre offers these activities, is therefore the foundation of our work.

New musicians making music.

Me guiding some brand new musicians.

It was a very rainy day here Nkhotakota, but it did absolutely nothing to stop the fun! We had three different workshops. Art class with Leo, traditional dancing and drumming with Mr. Makawa and trying of instruments and song-writing workshop with Karoline and me. It was all kicked of by Mr. Makawa with fun warm-up excercises. Then we devided ourselves into groups.

Talented dancers!

We were entertained by a dance performance at the end of the day!

The best part about these workshop was how willing these young people were to take part in music and art activities. They really allowed themselves to be creative, brave and open-minded. Creating lyrics and melodies on the go in song-writing workshop, dancing with passion and painting with pride. At the end of the day, the guests responded just like we wanted them to. They enjoyed the day, and a lot of them said that they wanted come back. We invited them back at Monday 2pm, when school has finished.

At Monday 2pm, we had 25 new learners at music school. There were also a lot of new faces there, which means that the guests on Saturday had been spreading the word to their friends, just like we hoped!

We are looking really forward to a bright future and the next activities at Nkhotakota Cultural Centre!


Bjørnar Sollsenes Kummeneje
Bjørnar Sollsenes Kummeneje

Bassist and guitarist Bjørnar Kummeneje grew up in Dale in Sunnfjord, a small town on the west coast of Norway. 21-years-old, he has spent the years after high school doing military service and as a student. Having played a lot of guitar and bass for the past seven years Bjørnar has become a true funk-lover but also a techno enthusiast. In Malawi, Bjørnar hopes to improve his drum skills, and he is looking forward to get to know the local music.

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