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I never imagined how far the music and Projeto Guri could take me, but here I am, in Norway.Now I am surrounded by the most beautiful landscape I have seen. This experience is been the most insane thing of my life, because I never left my home town for so long time like these days, is my first time out of Brazil and the experience in a cold country is being interesting.

In the first days me and the rest of the Brazilian guys met a very nice group from Malawi and Mozambique to join with us and participate of some tasks in Sormarka and JM Norway. The first days we were in ten people who would participate watching some talks and speeches in JM office with many different kinds of subjects.

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Some days late I went to Sormarka, a kind of hotel in the middle of forest, I met people from a lot of countries there, from the rest of the world like Zambia, Guatemala, Tanzania, South Africa, Madagascar, Nepal, India, Philippines and pretty sure, Norway, was very interesting, because I never imagined to make friends abroad, we made friendship with them and we are keep touching so far. In Sormarka we had a lot of tasks to follow, many talks and a very good workshop about photography.

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Me and Aydan arrived here in Trondheim for our next months of exchange, we had a very good reception in Trondertun, all the students received us very well, the second day at the school we had instrumental class, I liking a lot because this is one of my goals here, learn jazz and instrumental music, but not just this class but also have got Norwegian and drum class. There is another Move participants in Trøndertun, Assa from Mozanbique and Rebecca from Malawi, these girls are very talented, very good singers and persons, we made a very good friendship each other’s.

Me and Aydan had our first task and challenger about our exchange, make a presentation about the Brazilian culture, customs, mores and music, Bjørnar helps us with this, he is our coordinator and director of the school, is a very nice and smart person, loves Brazilian music culture. He has helped us a lot, the same happen with this presentation, my mom always teach me that we never feel so proud by myself, but this presentation makes me feel so proud, that time I was seeing a big movie in my mind about whole history of my music life, this presentation was better than my expect. We talked about a lot of topics, like food, music, typical dances, our cities, about our background in the music and Projeto Guri. In the end we played some Brazilian songs and we made capoeira dance with the students joining with us.

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Few days ago I had a very good opportunity, a chance to teach Brazilian music to my drummers friends, for some classes I was the teacher, and the end we made a presentation for the rest of the school.

The experience so far is being fantastic, to live in Trøndertun is wonderful, all the time I’m sharing lot of experiences with the students, this place is so magic.

Henofrancy Aquiles de Almeida Aquino
Henofrancy Aquiles de Almeida Aquino

Henofrancy Aquino, or Jassa Aquino, is a drummer and percussionist from Tupi Paulista, a little city in Sao Paulo state. He started his music studies when he was 7 in the Guri Project, and had a chance to study drums and percussion until he turned 18. Jassa has been playing as professional musician for five years, touring Brazil with many artists. He has participated in several jazz festivals, workshops and masterclass throughout Brazil and also created and organized the “Dracena Drums Festival”, a traditional drumming-event in a city called Dracena near Tupi Paulista. Jassa has also worked as a drum teacher with the music teaching program in the Guri Project.

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