Living a dream


I used to look out my window and imagine how it would be to see the world. Today, I’m living this dream here in Norway.

picture 1Everything here is just like in the movies; beautiful houses, mountains, pretty people and places to visit. Since I landed here I passed for a lot of good experiences. One of them was FK Youth Camp, where I met people from all over the world and could exchange experiences with them. Me and my Brazilian partner did a presentation about Brazil in Trøndertun and showed a little about our country and culture, it was very nice because the people loved it. I came here searching for personal and musical growth, but I found more than this: I’m changing the way I see the world and opening my mind to new things. I am learning the Norwegian language and culture, this has been a challenge every day. The people from Trøndertun are so receptive and this makes me feel comfortable and happy. I am very anxious to see my changes in the future. I came here just a month ago and I have a lot of history to count. I expect to have even more when the day to return to Brazil comes. After this experience, I will keep dreaming, each time louder.

Aydan Madureira Schmidt
Aydan Madureira Schmidt

Aydan is a guitar player, singer and composer who was born in Santos city (in the seaside of São Paulo State, Brazil) and now lives in São Vicente, near Santos. As a son of a singer and percussionist, music has been a part of Aydan’s life from a young age. He has been playing acoustic guitar since he was 11 years and started to study in the Guri Project when he was 12. Aydan was an apprentice for three years and worked as a teacher for one semester with the Guri Project and is now looking forward to be spending the next six months in Norway with the MOVE-project.

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