Inspiration in silence


I have only been in Malawi for a few days, but i’m already looking like a true Malawian.
Malawi is a beautiful and amazing country. We spent the first few weeks of our stay getting to know some important places and meeting all the friendly people around here. We also learned a lot of Chichewa, the local language, through language courses at the centre. I’m already speaking Chichewa quite good. It has been easier for me to learn Chichewa than for the Brazilians, as some of the words are similar to my local language in Mozambique, called Chimanhika/Shona. I have used Chichewa to buy things from the marked, to bargain the prices, and to make new friends. I’m still learning, but I use the little I know to communicate.

I am enjoying the Malawian food a lot. Especially Malawian rice, potatoes, and some amazing goat meat that is fried in the streets.
I am learning things every day on my exchange, and I am incredibly happy to be a part of this project. I am grateful to Music Crossroads Mozambique, JM Norway, and everyone who has made my participation in MOVE into a reality.
The strange and interesting thing about Lilongwe is that it’s a very quiet city. It’s definitely more quiet than our capital city in Mozambique. At first, I was sad because the silence put me out of my comfort zone, but after a while I have discovered that it’s also making me stranger in a good way. The silence is inspiring me to write new songs. That is new to me. I’m writing a lot of nice new songs in this Malawian silence, and I’m finding new ways for me to share our culture from Mozambique.

I know now that I need to try harder to learn more about this country. Learn more about Malawian culture, their lifestyle, and how they are able to maintain this peaceful culture. Malawians are peaceful people and I appreciate their lifestyle. In the coming months I will teach the locals about our Mozambican music and culture. I am looking forward to learn and to share. I am so happy to be here with all the participants of the MOVE project and the employees of Music Crossroads Malawi. We are already turning into a big family.
I am on my way to become a real Malawian.

Nicolao Jairosse
Nicolao Jairosse

Nicolão is a young and upcoming musician aged 22. He was born into a family of musicians in the Manica Province, Mozambique – about 1 300 kms away from Maputo. Nicolão started playing Mbira at the age of 7, and quickly received the medias attention for playing the instrument so well despite his young age. He also plays the guitar and the marimba. Nicolão is very excited to be a part of the MOVE project. He is looking forward to learning about Malawian culture, and also to share about his own.

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