Europe in Africa


I’ve been here for just two weeks, but I can tell that Maputo is Europe in Africa

It’s both a new experience and a culture shock… I am seeing and experiencing new things on a whole new level. We arrived in Maputo on 17th of January, and we were welcomed by the director, Paula and Claus.  They took us to our new apartment and it was a nice experience meeting our new family Paula & Claus.

We have been in many places just in two weeks, for example Katembe – an island opposite of Maputo. That was also a new experience being in a boat moving on the water. Wow!


Maputo which is the capital city of Mozambique has a lot of things happening. The most shocking part to me is girls dressed freely – putting on shorts and min-skirts that will make you look twice on them. To them it’s normal while in other African countries it’s taboo. One other thing that surprises me is the partying…It is never to early for a party! Weekend begins Thursday  and sometimes you wonder if people go to work or do businesses because most of the time you will see them partying?

The City has been nice & wonderful. I  am facing challenges when I want to buy things or communicate to people since most of the Mozambicans don’t speak english, but Portuguese and shangana. We have just started the Portuguese lessons, and I feel relieved because i know this problem will be solved.

Looking forward to learn from mozambican culture & teach all that i know from my culture. Now I remember what my grand mother told me: learning is not in class only, but also when you walk around.


Frank Nyama
Frank Nyama

Frank is a musician who has been singing for nearly 15 years. With an ever-growing desire for music and to develop the creative arts in Malawi, he has taken leading tasks in various circles to contribute to the music industry. Frank is a voice coordinator and singer in his local church and also offers his expertise to other local churches that request him. He is also a student at the Music Crossroads Academy Malawi, where he plays the bass and keyboard. Frank hopes to own a music company someday that will be offering music lessons to musicians in Malawi. He hopes to use the exchange program to meet new people and learn valuable skills from them to help him develop professionally.

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