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I am halfway through my journey before I fulfill the whole ten months of being on my post at Trøndertun Folkehøgskole. I am so glad to be part of this exchange.

My stay here in Norway at Trøndertun folkehøgskole has given me another experience and another way of living in my everyday life as an artist. It has never been any time wasted, only achievements earned. I am meeting different kinds of people and experiencing another way of living. It is important to never have a negative mind, but always accept the situation and allow changes in all areas of your life style. This is the good thing about the MOVE project .

You can never expect someone to carry around and feed you with a spoon. No, you have to use your brain, sort things out, and by all means – ask when you don’t understand. I always prepare myself to reach a new level managing to do the right things and on time.

It is wakening up your mind and soul to be alert, because you never know what someone will ask you to do next, anything can come up. For instance l had this situation where l was told to  hold a workshop, which is something l don’t normally do. But on that day l had to come up with ideas of African dances and show it to ten to thirteen year olds. l managed to do so since that is why l came here: to learn and to share my experiences. That is what the exchange is about.

I spent Christmas together with my host family. It was so interesting to have a different Christmas outside of my home country, Malawi. I realized that they have 14 days of holiday after the actual day of Christmas, which is on 24th of December. Most countries in Africa (Malawi included) celebrate on the 25th. It was a different experience to celebrate here, eating the Norwegian Christmas food, receiving gifts which is kept under the Christmas tree, and julenissen (Christmas father) bringing you gifts. It was a wonderful and great Christmas.

Together with my host family, we went to their aunt’s place. The day after I invited the family to eat the traditional Malawian food Nsima, which I cooked for them. l Really had a good time during my whole Christmas vacation.

Now I am looking forward to be more creative, learn and share more here at Trøndertun, and to work with FARK Projects.

I can say the best is yet to come.




Rebecca Mwalwenje
Rebecca Mwalwenje

Rebecca is from Malawi in Central Africa. She lives in the northern part of the country, known as Karonga. A village that borders on Tanzania. Karonga is a 12-hour drive from the capital Lilongwe. Rebecca was born an artist. She never planned on being a musician – it just happened automatically. When she was nine years old, Rebecca became a lead singer in her local church. In 2009 she participated in a TV show in Zimbabwe similar to Idol called the Fama Show, but didn’t make it to the finals.

In 2010 Rebecca took part in founding a musical centre in her home town – Lusubilo. At Lusubilo Malawi youth have the opportunity of studying music. At the centre Rebecca formed a band with fellow students, the Lusubilo band. The band has since won several awards and released an album named Africa Inuka. As a solo artist Rebecca has issued two singles.

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