First time in the snow!


Between the tasks we had some fun…

After a long week with meetings and workshops,a small moment of celebration among us!

Eduardo Henrique Scaramuzza Tubaldini

Coming from a family of passionate educators, Eduardo grew up with a broad incentive to academic studies and cultural and artistic activities. He began his studies as one of the first percussion students in the Guri Project in São José do Rio Preto from 2006 to 2010. During this period, music became a big part of his life with presentations, trips, school bands, and finally the decision to pursue a career in music. In 2011 he joined UNICAMP (the university from Campinas) in the Bachelor of Symphonic Percussion course, and immediately started his involvement in GRUPU (percussion group of Unicamp). At the same time, he was awarded with a scholarship from Project Guri, which ensured an intense and focused routine of classes, festivals, percussive meetings and concerts. Currently Eduardo is studying classical percussion with Professor Herivelto Brandino and popular Vibraphone with Beto Caldas at EMESP and is a percussion teacher at Project Guri in Campinas.


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