Crie sua própria música!


Today, the first day of the festival «Crie sua própria música!» finally kicked off. For three weeks, Nikolai and I are fully in charge of the whole music senter, consisting of just about two hundred students aged six to eighteen. We wanted to turn the whole center upside down, and decided to make a festival: «Create your very own music!».

So today, as the students arrived back from their vacation, they were met by something very different from the ordinary instrument lessons they are used to; All the children are being divided into small groups of five or six, and the task is as follows: Make a song or a musical piece together.

We are lucky to have all the teachers and the staff on our team, all eager to make this festival a fun and new experience for everyone. And eventually, soon after the carnival fuss settles in February, we will all gather for a final concert in São Carlos City Hall.

I am excited to follow the process of the students, and looking forward to hear all the different results in three weeks. All parents, families and friends are invited.FullSizeRender



Ellen-Martine Gismervik
Ellen-Martine Gismervik

Ellen-Martine is a 23 year old cellist from Karmøy, where she grew up in a big family of eight. After graduating high school, Ellen-Martine gained her bachelor – plus one extension year – at the University of Stavanger, mainly focusing on classical cello. The recent year she’s been working as a freelance musician interrupted by a three-months stay in Pondicherry, India, attending a one semester study program in Peace and Conflict studies. Having such a good experience abroad Ellen-Martine is really excited about her nine-months exchange to Brazil, getting to know a new culture and its music. Being a night animal, she has always had difficulties getting into bed in the evening. Maybe now, staying on different continent and in a different time zone, things will finally straighten up?

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