Nkhotakota’s first talent show for schools!


At Saturday 24th of October, the schools of Nkhotakota are invited to something completely new.

Nkhotakota Cultural Centre is hosting it’s first ever talent show for schools. 15 schools in and around Nkhotakota have been invited to participate with a cultural contribution. Both primary and secondary schools are invited. Family, friends and teachers are invited to watch. The cultural contribution can be anything from a music performance, a work of art, poetry, a dance performance or a drama piece. There will be judges, and there will be prizes.

Wednesday 14th of October we set out to find and invite the schools. It was an exceptionally warm day. No wind, and the sun was shining down from above. We visited the first three schools by foot, fighting the heat. After visiting the third school, the schools were now too far away for walking.

School sign close-up.

The sign at the entrance to one the schools we visited.

A car was arranged, complete with 4×4, aircondition and a spare tire. Our tour continued. Every school we visited was different. We went to primary schools that had students running around the car both as we drove up and left, and secondary schools with a calm and mature atmosphere. We tracked down the headmaster of each school and respectfully delivered our semi-formal letter of invitation. The headmasters were just as different from each other as the schools, but we were most welcome everywhere we went.

A nice meeting.

Me together with two young learners who possibly could be participants at the talent show!

We rolled back to our headquarters at the Cultural Centre with our mission completed and our excitement for the talent show really growing. The initial feedback from the schools was really good, with one headmaster, upon recieving the invitation, jokingly announcing her school as the winner, stating that “There won’t be a competition. We will win!”.


The sun was setting in the streets of KK as we walked home that day.

We are really looking forward to Saturday 24th here at Nkhotakota Cultural Centre!

Bjørnar Sollsenes Kummeneje
Bjørnar Sollsenes Kummeneje

Bassist and guitarist Bjørnar Kummeneje grew up in Dale in Sunnfjord, a small town on the west coast of Norway. 21-years-old, he has spent the years after high school doing military service and as a student. Having played a lot of guitar and bass for the past seven years Bjørnar has become a true funk-lover but also a techno enthusiast. In Malawi, Bjørnar hopes to improve his drum skills, and he is looking forward to get to know the local music.

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