Life at Trøndertun, hugs and bread eating


I have been in Norway for two months, and I can say that my life has changed. I am a new person. It is not easy for me to live far from my family, but it is for sure a great experience. Things are slowly falling into place now. Step by step, I am learning Norwegian and making new friends.

It is hard for me to not hug people as much as I am used to. I also have to be careful not to be too up front and say directly what I mean all the time, like they do in my country. To me the Norwegians can seem a bit cold, but once I get to know them, they turn out to be great people.

The last thing I would like to say is that I am totally in love with beautiful Trondheim. And the school, Trøndertun, is also great. The food is really good, although I am having some difficulties eating so much bread all the time… The teachers are good, and the lessons are very instructive!

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Assa Matusse
Assa Matusse

Assa is from Mozambique and is a afrojazz singer. She has been singing for as long as she can remember. She grew up listening to her father playing the guitar and singing traditional Mozambique tunes. That’s partially the reason why she finds a lot of inspiration in traditional African music. When she was 14 years old she participated in a TV-show for youth called Tribo Junior, and three years later, in 2013, the talent show Super Tardes where she came in third. The same year Assa won an award at the Ngoma Mozambique in the category Feminine Revelation. Since she has had the opportunity of working with famous musicians from Mozambique. Assa has recorded but not yet released her debut album.

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