Maputo first impressions


Body percussion under the mango tree. Riding chapa down Mao Tse Tung Avenue. Experiencing police corruption. Sunset by the Indian Ocean. Meting an old portuguese missing the times of colonialization…

Our first week in Maputo has in other words been a (wonderful) rollercoaster of experiences. We’re looking forward to share our adventures with you during our 9 months here at Music Crossroads Mozambique!


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Guitar lesson at Music Crossroads

Hanging out by the indian ocean one sunday afternoon

The view from our apartment in Malhangalene




Claus Solbakken
Claus Solbakken

Claus is a 19 and a half year old classical guitarist from Fredrikstad. The first of September 2015 Claus moved to Maputo, where he is going to work at Music Crossroads Mozambique. He started playing guitar as a child, and discovered classical music when he began his studies at Greåker high school of music. Claus is hoping to be able to work as a classical musician, but also to discover new and exiting parts of the Mozambican music culture.

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