Christmas and New Year’s in Mozambique


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We have just had our summer holidays, and a lot has happened the last month. In the beginning of december was the graduation for the 5 years old at Moudjo. They will be starting school end of this month, and it seemed like they all took this day very serious. It was a very nice day with music, entertainment and lovely food. The students at Music Crossroads Academy all preformed, and the girls band (at this day called Crossroads’ Divas) finally had their first performance. We were just a small part of the entertainment, both the kids and the teachers performed.


DSC_1690Music Crossroads-gjengen på Moudjo

Later in december our families came to visit us from Norway. My family stayed two weeks, and we spent the first in Maputo. Here we got to experience Mozambican christmas, christmas celebration at Moudjo, we visited Matchume and my family got to meet some of our friends and colleges. The christmas here is very different from Norway – it’s not as big of a deal as in Norway, here New Years Eve is the big day. Christmas is more just a nice dinner or barbecue with family and friends, and some give presents. Everyone dresses in red, and it’s way hotter. And no snow… Surprise!

Jul på MoudjoMatlaging av to blide damerVoksengjengen på julefest på Moudjo


venner hehSjefen i landsbyen var tilstedet, som alltid når det skjer noe viktig. Her danser hunGrillmestern

Julemiddag i bar overkropp, ny tradisjon?

Celebrating christmas shirtless, new tradition?

besøk til m
musikermatchumePå besøk til MatchumeMamma møter sjefen

After a week in Maputo we took the bus to Tofo, a small beach town 50 miles north from Maputo. The mozambican way to celebrate New Years is at a beach, dressed in white, barbecuing, dancing, playing music, drinking and having fireworks. Because of this many of the people living in the city travels to places like Tofo. So we packed our bags with four white outfits and set out to experience New Years the mozambican way. The ironic part of it is that my dad got sick, so we didn’t get to go to the town on new years as planned. Instead we stayed at the lodge, dressed in white, where no one could see us, missing the local celebration that we had spent 9 hours on a bus to see. But we had each other (and Party Alias!!). It was at least what we tried to convince ourselves of. Fortunately for us, the celebration lasted up to 2 – 3 days, so when we went to the city on New Years Day, the party was still going on. But all in all we had some nice, relaxing days in Tofo.


Va i Tofo og in joya life, yo

In Tofo in joying life, yo

mams og paps

A week after our families went back to Norway, Hannah and I rented a car and headed back north. We wanted to see as much of Mozambique as possible in the six days we had, before we had to be back in Maputo and welcome our new roommates. Hannah did the driving, on the left side of the road, as though as she is. But because of the chaotic traffic in the city and some new signs, I ended up being quite an active passenger (sometimes a bit too active, according to Hannah), and we ended up saying “we” were driving. Our first stop was Tofo (which, without all the people there to celebrate new years, seemed like a completely different city) and Inhambane. Then we continued to Vilanculos. We stopped by Bilene on the way back and stayed a night there. (because you get kind of tired after driving 11 hours!!!:P) There isn’t really that much to tell about the trip, since we spent most of our time either driving, on a beach, or reading in a hammock. But it was nice to see different parts of Mozambique, a lot of good nature and cities that were very different from Maputo. You meet many cool people when sleeping at backpacker’s, many had travelled around all of Africa and had a lot to tell from their journeys. We brought a guitar with us on our trip (the luxury of traveling by car!) and she gave us two of the highlights of the trip. The first one was when Marina (worked at Baobab Backpackers) who, the second I said I had brought a guitar, took up her phone and called a friend who played guitar. “I’m standing here with a beautiful girl who wants to play with YOU!”, she said, and one hour later a guy showed up with guitar, ukulele and different song books. More and more people joined our little jam session, and it ended up being a really nice time. And then there were the washing ladies at Bilene who had seen that we had a guitar in our room and came knocking on our door saying ” We want to dance, we want to dance. You have to play!”. So I played and they laughed, clapped and sang along. There wasn’t a lot of dancing (not sure if it was my choice of song that was the problem), but this also ended up being a great time.

DSC_0185Inhambane byTurist i InhambaneButikk i InhambaneCapulanasVIlankuloBungalowen vår i VulankuloFjære på Vilankulo

DSC_0246Tok seilbåt over til øya Magaruque

DSC_0415Punkterte på veien, bra Hannah er så handy-woman


Now we are back in Maputo, “in joying” life with our two new roomies, Bridget and Sanderson.




Liv Andrea
Liv Andrea


Liv is a 19-year-old beauty from Mosjøen. She both sings and plays the piano and after having spent most of her life in the music field, she has developed quite a talent.  She likes playing everything from electronica to jazz, but what she enjoys the most is to play her own music. She is very lively and her positive attitude will easily spread to the people around her. In addition to playing music, Liv has also traveled a lot and has even spent seven months living in Rarotonga. For the last year, she has been living in Trondheim, but she is now ready to move further out in the world, to Maputo. There she expects to get to know the Mozambican culture and learn everything there is to know about Maputo.


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