Well held Imagine Festival 2013!


About one hundred musicians, young organizers and attendants gathered in Kristiansand during the first days of August and made this year’s Imagine Festival a great success. The musicians who participated were aged 13-22. The selected bands were as follows:

Resirkulert from Norway
Daniel Eliasson from Sweden
Les 100 Faussess Notes from France
The Cro Trio from Croatia
Wilder from Romania
Pleasure Project from Slovenia
Triopated from Belgium
Movers band from Malawi
WERE from Zimbabwe

The bands operated within genres like jazz, fushion, pop rock, metalcore, afrotribe, a huge range of genres.

The proud winners of this year’s festival, Zimbabwean WERE, won a tour through several of the European Jeunesses Musicales countries, as well as 10 000 euros worth of recording time.

Jeunesses Musicales Norway was in charge of the planning and the economics. We arranged this in close cooperation with Imagine Norway (UKM Norge), UKM Vest-Agder and Jeunesses Musicales International. In addition to concerts there were held workshops and courses for both participants and organizers. This involved studio time for the musicians and recording of demo material. There were also held a drum clinic with world champion in electric drums Baard Kolstad, DIY (Do it Yourself) courses with the band Lucky Malice, PR course with Espen Mentzoni and a concert photography workshop with photographer Kenneth Sporsheim.

Visit our Flickr page to see photos from the Imagine Festival 2013.

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