Apply for the Euro-Med Youth Music Expo!


The Euro-Med Youth Music Expo is a large-scale music event to be held in Limassol, Cyprus from the 28th of September to the 1st of October 2012. The Expo will bring together over 200 young musicians (young soloists, youth bands and orchestras from all musical backgrounds, classical, ethnic, jazz, rock, hip-hop, reggae etc.) as well as music teachers, cultural organizers and industry professionals for a multilevel educational and artistic fair including workshops, seminars, public concerts, music labs and more!


Application deadline is April 15th, find more information <a href=””>here</a>.


Sofie er informasjonsansvarlig og produsent i Musikk og Ungdom. Sofie driver nettsidene og Facebooksidene våre, og har hovedansvar for prosjektene LOUD! og Asylprosjektet.

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