World Youth Choir in the University Hall


World Youth Choir is one of the wolds best youth choirs, consisting of outstanding young singers from all corners of the world, under the leadership of some of the world’s leading choir conductors. When the choir comes to Norway in December, it will consist of 60 singers from over 40 countries. Conductor in Oslo will be Grete Pedersen.

In addition to its musical qualities, World Youth Choir also has a strong focus on the social and intercultural dimension of musical collaboration across national boundaries, and through this work, the World Youth Choir achieved UNESCO honorary title “Lighting the way for peace.”

The program in Universitetets Aula offers a historical and thematically rich range from the classic choir litteratures contributions through Brahms and Schoenberg, via several contemporary composers, to Gjermund Larsens arrangements of Norwegian folk songs for violin and chorus.

Tickets are available at Billettservice. More about the concert here.


Sofie er prosjektleder i JM Norway.

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