Sanguka 2010, is National Singing Week in Norway, taking place from 15-21 Nov, and is an attempt to highlight the rich and varied musical heritage of the country.  Flash mobs, pop-up artists and impromptu choirs all staged various “Waiting” concerts for unsuspecting members of the public.


The idea was to surprise people who are usually accostomed to ‘waiting’ in quiet ennui for something or someone. Musical mobs were organised in train stations, doctors surgeries, in elevators, ferries, trams, airports, hospitals and shopping malls by hundreds of singers, from Alta in the north to Farsund in the south of Norway. More than 500 people in total where involved, and thousands of waiters all over Norway were treated to a pleasant singing surprise.


The national singing week was arranged by the national singing project Sangløftet which is a national effort to strengthen and highlight singing in Norway. The project is operated by Musikk og Ungdom (JM Norway) in cooperation with the Norwegian Music Council.


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