Imagine 2010 – A huge success


July 31st to August 2nd, 100 of the best young musicians in the world arrived in Trondheim, Norway and stirred up the town during the Olavsfestdagene festival. All over the world, from Zimbabwe to France to Scandinavia, national Imagine festivals gathers thousands of young musicians playing all kinds of music. These festival highlight some of the very best young bands/ensembles in their respective countries no matter if it’s rock bands, jazz groups, ensembles playing classical music, hip-hop crews, DJs or something completely different.. For the first time, the best artists from 12 of these countries were presented in one festival: Imagine 2010 Festival. And it was very successful!


(Factory Brains brings the blues to Trondheim Torg)

During the festival, 30 concerts where held divided on two main stages. There were workshops held for the musicians in addition to a very cool jam-session. The first concert session was held on Trondheim Torg, the city square, July 31st. The weather was great, the square was packed with smiling and dancing observers, and it was a bomb of a kick-off start for the festival.  The next days the musicians participated in workshops conducted by leader Frode Fjellheim. the main theme for the workshop was composing – How to create music. Together with a proffesional ensemble consisting of musicians Hildegunn Øiseth, Nils-Olav Johansen, Grete Daling and Carl Haakon Waadeland, Fjellheim approached the theme by showing how something old can spark new ideas and new music, and how the voice can work as a useful in shaping and enhancing these ideas. The Imagine participators explored several vocal techniques, improvisation and learned many exciting and interesting ways of approaching composing. Fjellheim and the crew also opened the Jam-session, where the musicians where able to try out these new techniques across the different bands, and together they created some very sparkling musical moments that was magical to observe.

(An intense moment with The Jacks at Trondheim Torg)

The festival ended with a concert at the rock club Blæst August 2nd. Also this night, the audience filled the room to the brink. With help from skillful sound and light engineers, the atmosphere in the club was radiant and all the bands gave their very best! Backstage 55 pizzas were served, 16 bands went on stage, 50 songs were performed, and a room that holds 400 people was filled up with a cheering audience.

 (Blue moments from Le Main at Blæst)

The staff at Jeunesses Musicales Norway would like to thank all of the fantastic musicians, supervisors, workshop-leaders and, lest we forget, all the volunteers that have contributed in making the Imagine 2010 festival the event of the summer.

(Sarina Cohn delivering wonderful songs at Trondheim Torg)

Visit Imagine 2010’s website here

Click here for photographs from the festival (photographers: Elisabeth Fagerland, Vilde Bjørgen)

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