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Dear musicians studying in one of the Nordic or Baltic countries. If you are born between 1985 and 1995 you are invited to apply for Orkester Norden 2010. We offer a unique experience, 10 ECT point, free instructions, food and stay – and a Nordic concert tour for no cost due to Lions scolarships. Audition in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland February 2010.


Musikk og Ungdom has a cooperation agreement with Orkester Norden, and encourages you to apply!



Download the application folder here, or read more at Orkester Norden’s website



More info and contacts:


Orkester Norden

Marviksveien 140 | 4630 Kristiansand | Phone +47 380 77 030


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Se also this letter from one of last year’s participants (in Norwegian only)

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