Pressemelding fra Verdensorkesteret


Etter fem års tett samarbeid mellom Jeunesses Musicales International og East West Music i Valencia, melder JMI nå at orkesteret beveger seg i en ny retning. Fra 2010 relanseres orkesteret. Jeunesses Musicales International, eieren av orkesteret, har satt ned en arbeidsgruppe til å se på fremtidige planer for Verdensorkesteret. Musikk og Ungdom i Norge er reperesentert i arbeidsgruppen ved Lotte Gordon fra UNOF. Du kan også få din stemme hørt ved å bli med på orkesterets Facebook-gruppe! JMI melder i sin pressemelding:


The World Orchestra of Jeunesses Musicales: A New Chapter Begins

The World Orchestra of Jeunesses Musicales (WOJM) is an international youth orchestra that provides young musicians with professional musical opportunities at the highest artistic level, touring twice annually as ambassadors for world peace and intercultural understanding. Launched in 1949, by Igor Markievitch, as an international youth orchestra, it was not until 1969 that it was institutionalized by Gilles Lefebvre as the Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra. Around 10,000 young musicians have passed through the orchestra over the last 50 years, under the batons of prestigious and renowned maestros such as Zubin Mehta, Leonard Bernstein, Charles Dutoit, Yakov Kreizberg and Kurt Masur. In 1996 the orchestra was appointed as an UNESCO Artist For Peace in recognition of its humanitarian message. As a program of the Jeunesses Musicales International network, the orchestra draws young musicians from all corners of the globe to play for two sessions annually and has to date toured over 30 countries. Over the years the orchestra has enjoyed the patronage of the cities of: Montreal, Canada (1968-1985), Berlin, Germany (1986-2004) and Valencia, Spain (2005-2009).


Today JMI would like to inform all the musicians, supporters, patrons and friends of the World Orchestra of Jeunesses Musicales that as of 2010, WOJM shall be moving in a new direction, which will bring a close to the 5-year collaboration between Jeunesses Musicales International and East West Music in Valencia, opening a fresh new chapter in the history of the orchestra. We would first and foremost like to thank all the musicians who have participated in the orchestra over the last five years; your efforts and talents have gone a long way in spreading the message of world peace; we look forward to continuing this work together long into the future. Secondly JMI sends its deepest thanks to Maestro Josep Vicent and the East West Music team. The work that they have performed over the past 5 years has been most notable, always striving towards the highest levels of artistic excellence. Their emotional and human investment will remain within the orchestra forever.


JMI now moves forward in pursuit of new concepts and ideas, laying the foundations for a fresh orchestral program, firmly rooted within the JMI network, embracing the dynamic creativity and innovation of today’s young people as well as showcasing the richness of a diverse global repertoire. During the 64th JMI Annual General Assembly in Kranj, Slovenia (28 June – 5 July 2009) a new WOJM working group was formed, made up of representatives from across the international network. The group has been charged by the JMI Board to spearhead the development of the new program.


For more information or to find out how you can become involved in this exciting new venture please contact:


To have your say, join The New JMI World Orchestra Facebook group and let us know what kind of world youth orchestra you’d like to see in the future!

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