Mhoo in Belgium


The talented group Mhoo, from Vestfold County in Norway, won Jeunesses Musicales Norway’s Imagine-prize at the Norwegian Imagine-festival “UKM”. The prize included participation at the international Imagine Festival in Brussels between July 2 and 4. The group reports of a wonderful experience!


Mhoo was accommodated at a youth hostel in the centre of Brussels together with bands from Sweden, Slovenia and Belgium. All bands gave three concerts. The diversity of the bands resulted in a huge variety of genres: rock, jazz, classical music, folk and country.


Both concerts and workshops were interesting learning experiences for the group. Mhoo were extremely happy and pleased to having won the prize. According to one of the musicians, “out of a luck-scale between 1 and 10, they were constantly at a 10!”


New instruments


As a result of difficulties in bringing the instruments at the airplanes, the two JM-organisations in Belgium arranged for the group to lend instruments from an instrument maker in Belgium. The instrument maker showed up at one of Mhoo’s concerts, and was so impressed by the level of the band that he decided to grant the band three new instruments: two guitars and a bass guitar, with the names of the groups written on them.


Next Imagine Festival


JM Norway will organize the next international Imagine-festival. Winners of all Imagine Festivals around the world, currently 14 countries, will be invited to three full days of workshops and concerts. More information will follow soon!


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