Music Crossroads-vinner Mokoomba nektet visum


Etter 2 måneder og fire ambassader har Mokoomba nå fått avslag på sin visasøknad til Schengen. Deres planlagte Europaturné, som blant annet inkluderte en planlagt opptreden på Olavsfestdagene, i samarbeid med Du Store Verden, er dermed avlyst.


Direktøren for Music Crossroads skriver følgende om avslaget:




“Mokoomba” European summer tour 2009 cancelled

After insurmountable visa hassles and around-the-clock efforts to obtain these precious documents – only one week before the first concert – we have had, for the first time in Music Crossroads’ history, to realize that visas will not be ready on time and, finally forced to succumb to European countries’ immigration offices ignorance, indifference and formalism, the 2009 European summer tour of ‘Mokoomba’ had to be canceled.


The outstanding Zimbabwean band ‘Mokoomba’ from the VicFalls region won the 1st prize at the Music Crossroads InterRegional Festival in Lilongwe, August 2008. Since then, they have been working hard to expand their repertoire and improve their performance skills with MCI’s Band Manager Poney Gross, who has done three week-long rehearsal sessions with the band in Vic Falls and in Harare over the past year. A CD has been recorded and manufactured and all nuts and bolts perfectly trimmed for the six band members’ tour in Europe during summer 2009 – in Spain, Holland, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia and Croatia.


This is a BIG deception to concert-goers throughout Europe – but even more so for the band members that have worked so hard and successfully to prepare a magnificent stage show for European music-lovers. ‘Mokoomba’ has been ranked by record companies and concert promoters as one of MusicCrossroads’ biggest and most promising discoveries since its inception in 1996.


MCI is already assessing the possibilities to organize a smaller tour in Europe for the band later in the season 2009/2010 but potential concert organizers and contributors have yet to be contacted and confirmed.


MCI thanks all organizations, festivals and local organizers for their support, efforts and pursuits in staging ‘Mokoomba’ this summer, with our sincere hope that we shall be able to cooperate again and under better terms for the future – be it with ‘Mokoomba’ or with other prize-winning actsof Music Crossroads.


Thanking you all for your understanding in this difficult situation – we are aware of the inconvenience and disappointment this cancellation may cause numerous concert organizers and -goers; a special thanks go to Rob van Waaijen in Holland and Mathias Bangure and his Music Crossroads team in Zimbabwe for their relentless efforts in pursuing this cause.


Finally and on behalf of us all, I send a special greeting of encouragement to all members of ‘Mokoomba': keep up the good work and new chances will arise in the future! Even if it hurts, ‘Keep Smiling’ – this has been our internal mantra during the past difficult weeks.


Yours sincerely,


Dag Franzén
Executive Director
Music Crossroads International

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