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Imagine if the whole world could gather in peace, each person sharing their musical culture with the next, learning and living together, celebrating the joys of humanity? Impossible? Perhaps, but what if 500 young people from around the world could meet each summer in six different countires to live this dream? They can, this is ETHNO.


This summer Ethno will take place in Belgium Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia, Sweden and Uganda;  bringing together young folk/traditional/ethnic musicians from around the world, they will share and learn from each other through a variety of fun and unique cultural activities that embrace a wholistic approach to music pedagogy placing emphasis on communcal learning rather than individual excellence. If you’re a traditional/folk musician between 15-28 don’t miss it out on this once in a life time Ethno experience!


We are delighted to announce the dates for Ethno 2009:


Ethno Croatia (11-17 July, 2009)
Groznjan, Croatia
Held at the International Cultural Centre of Jeunesses Musicales Croatia, a World Meeting Centre of JMI and Ethnombient festival in Salona, near Split! Mentors: Dario Marusic (Croatia), Lidija Dokuzovic (Croatia) and Allan Skrobe (Sweden).


Ethno Estonia (17-23 July 2009)
Viljand, Estonia
Instrumental, singing and dance workshops introducing mostly Estonian traditional music and including performances at the Viljandi Folk Music Festival which receives more than 20.000 visitors!


Ethno Flanders (20-27 July 2009)
Tervuren, Belgium
Don’t miss this 10th anniversary edition with artistic leaders Allan Skrobe, Vincent Noiret and Rémy Decker!


Ethno Histria (29 June- 7 July 2009)
Gracisce, Slovenia
In addition to concerts in the village, town, monastery and cave, we will also perform on 2 street theatre festivals, in a jail and other interesting places.


Ethno Sweden (2-10 July 2009)
Rattvik, Sweden
Come celebrate an incredible 20 years of Ethno Sweden! Participants will be part of a big closing performance at Musik vid Siljan festival and all ex-ethno participants are invited to a special anniversary party at the Folkmusikens Hus in Rattvik on the last day!


Ethno Uganda (6-13 September 2009)
Kampala, Uganda
Join the first Ethno Uganda this year! Mentors Mattias Perez and Nina Perez (Sweden), local music specialists and much much more!


Ethno is a program of Jeunesses Musicales International (JMI), the world’s largest youth and music network. Ethno uses peer-to-peer education, inviting young folk musicians to teach each other, by ear, the traditional folk songs from their cultures and to learn those of other participants. Through a combination of workshops, jam sessions, seminars, and performances, musicians have the opportunity to learn a variety of musical styles from around the world. The end result is a fabulous tapestry of sound and movement, where musicians and other artists (dancers, puppeteers, etc) exchange and explore new rhythms and sounds, taking their skills to a whole new level.


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