New Nordic cooperation project


The Nordic member organizations of JMI, including JM Norway, have decided to do a joint project in the field of young singers and young conductors based on the teaching material Chorissimo.

The joint Nordic project aims in strengthening the opportunities for young Nordic singers and conductors. On the national level, the cooperation partners will carry out a variety of project based on Chorissimo. Furthermore, a double quartet from each country will be selected to participate at the Nordic level of the project: Concerts at Tivoli in Copenhagen in May 2010 and a choral symposium to be held also in May 2010.

This project will help strengthening the contact among young singers and Conductors in the Nordic countries, increase competence and recruitment in the field, and give the target group information about JMI and the possibilities they have to engage in our international network.

Chorissimo has been produced with the support of the Nordic culture Fund, it is in four Nordic languages (Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian), and consists of a instruction DVD and a repertoire booklet.

Apart from the Nordic JM partners, the Nordic Union for Music Educators (NUMU) has agreed to be a partner in the project, which secures participants from Island and Faroe Island as well as Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The Nordic partners look forward to kick off this wonderfully interesting project, and are devoted in making this projcet interesting, inspiring and fun for the target group!

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