JM World Orchestra 2009


Auditions for the 2009 JM World Orchestra sessions are now open.

In Norway the auditions will be carried our through recordings that will be sent directly to the orchestra’s head quarter in Spain. JM Norway will off course help arranging the auditions if you require this. Please don’t hesitate to contact JMN if you have any questions!


The requirements are as following:
  • Candidates must be aged between 18 (before July 1st 2009) and 28 (by December 31st  2009).

  • Musicians of all nationalities can apply to join the orchestra, but they must be able to apply for any visas required for their travel, should they need them.

  • The orchestra’s working language is English, so candidates must have an intermediate level of English.

  • Orchestra members may be invited to remain in the orchestra in successive sessions up to a maximum of three years, depending on the needs of the orchestra and provided that their work with the orchestra has been satisfactory and they are not older than 28.

  • All candidates must apply online on before Sunday 30th of November 2008.

  • After applying online, all candidates will receive an email in the next ten working days explaining what to do next to complete the auditions process.

  • All questions and communication related to the auditions will be answered through the email address


You can download the complete info-pack here


Download orchestral excerpts here

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