Song for millions!


The grant finances a two-year project that aims to enrich Norwegian sing milieus. The project will address every singer and everyone that conducts singing activities, regardless of level, age and place of residence, and across all genres. The project will be developed throughout the spring and be launched on September 15th 2008.

– The project allows us to engage and create new enthusiasm in the Norwegian singing arenas. This wonderful gift opens for numerous possibilities for everyone involved, Secretary general in Jeunesses Musicales Norway, Alexander Krohg Plur says. Managing director of the Norwegian Music Council, Morten Hagevik agrees, and adds that he looks forward to invite all relevant music organizations and local arenas to express their ideas and suggestions for the project.

The Norwegian Music Council and Jeunesses Musicales Norway’s network represents a broad specter of traditional and groundbreaking organizations within the singing world. These will, in cooperation with other network partners, accomplish a wide range of local, regional and national efforts in the coming years. The three main pillars: proficiency raising, experiences and repertoire development, will contribute to innovation and enrich already existing activity.


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